Interior design

By SVDH Design

Van idee naar ontwerp met een eigen karakter

SVDH DESIGN was launched in 2011 by interior designer Sabine van der Ham. Her vision on product and interior design is refreshing and innovative. Her specialism is design office, restaurant, hotel, home and product design. From a sketch proposal to a technical drawing and lighting plan to a 3D visualization.

SVDH DESIGN is also specialized in the design and production of special lighting fixtures. Lighting plays an important role in the interior for both the business and private market. The use of materials of the different lighting objects are central to the entire design.

“Light is all around us. I enjoy sunrays, captured in objects, scattering through branches of trees or buildings and structures in the city. The dancing lights and shapes, forming diamondlike images on the breaking surface of water. I try to capture these beautiful moments in my designs. Giving light an extra dimension by elevating the fixtures to pieces of art. All the while trying to preserve the source of my inspiration, nature, by using reclaimed materials.“

SVDH DESIGN offers the following services;